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About the Yi Jing's perspective is purely a traditional one. It is a Far-Eastern traditional perspective with respect to the triad Cosmos - Year - Man. The Yi Jing is an opportunity for meditation and profound study from all viewpoints, for which reason we can receive enlightenment, better than following profane instruction, even by contemplating the Book's form, a changeable form, in accordance to the development of the cosmic cycles: at the beginning, the Book was a series of trigrams, essential and compressed ("complicated") symbols, the vision of which allowed the realization of everlasting Truth; then, the cosmic decline forced an explication and explicit description of these symbols, thus the succinct forms were born; eventually, the escalation of spiritual decadence imposed more and
more elaborated commentaries. The Yi Jing is a difficult scripture. Other traditional writings are also obscure for the profane mentality, but the Yi Jing is a synthesis, it is compact and ...complicated, .... belonging to an Age when there was no need for too many words, when silence could be understood, while the Dao De Jing, for example, is more explicit, though still not easy to be comprehended. It is problematic to understand the Yi Jing, since it contains innumerable meanings, from the metaphysical to the divinatory one, and in the last centuries this latter was predominant, as expected, genuine and fake diviners using Fu Xi's scripture to read the destiny of the world and individuals. The present work tries to unveil mainly the metaphysical and, as a result, the cosmologic meaning.
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