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Baby Secrets will guide you through the early weeks of your baby's life and take you into the blissful world of nighttime peace. Unlock top maternity nurse Jo Tantum's secrets, just as Barbara Want did when she gave birth to twins and found herself completely unprepared. You too can begin a happy spiral for you and your baby. Discover: · The secrets of sleeping through the night · How to calm their crying · Simple feeding routines · The joys of play · How to cope with more than one Jo's approach is warm, empowering
for you as a parent and very reassuring. Her advice is easy to follow and very simply, it works. Barbara is proof of that and they can't wait to pass it on. Jo Tantum has worked with parents and their babies around the world for the last 18 years. She is now in demand as a maternity consultant, twin specialist and sleep expert. Barbara Want is a journalist and television producer who has worked for the BBC on many programmes, including Panorama and Newsnight. She lives in London with her husband and twin boys.
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  • Auteur : TANTUM & WANT
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