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David Bennun had lived in Africa his whole life. At the age of 18 he came to Britain, the mother country. The country he had read about in Punch magazine or seen in films like Chariots of Fire. He was in for a shock. A very big shock indeed: 'I could not have been less prepared had I spent my life up to that point listening to 30-year-old broadcasts of the Light Programme.' In this timely follow-up to the critically acclaimed Tick Bite Fever, David Bennun shows us our
own country through the eyes of an alien. With his brilliantly witty turn of phrase we follow his life as a student, his brushes with Bohemia, his troubles renting and buying property, his discovery of British food and his horrors at entering the world of work. From DIY to architecture, sport to alcohol, transport to music and entertainment, David Bennun brilliantly and with ruthless wit deconstructs all these subjects, many of them so dear to the British heart.
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  • Auteur : BENNUN, DAVID
  • Éditeur : EBURY PRESS
  • ISBN : 9780091900359
  • Date de parution : 26/06/06
  • Nombre de pages : 309
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