Chemical reactors, from design to operat


livre chemical reactors, from design to operat
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This book represents a complete reworking of the text "Chemical Reactors: Design, Engineering, Operation" by P. Trambouze, H. Van Landeghem and J.-P. Wauquier, published in 1988. The content and goals of this new edition have remained the same: provide both a reference book and a practical user's guide. This in-depth revision provides a summary of current knowledge, updated based on the most recent literature in the field. The reader will find recommendations on the choice of correlations to apply, depending on the case, and useful references to the original documents on industrial processes. The eight chapters that discuss the various types of single-phase and multiphase reactors
have been restructured to provide the reader with an in-depth presentation of essential information. Two new chapters emphasize the implementation of ideas presented in the book (case studies) and highlight recent developments in the field of reactors (multifunctional reactors and new perspectives). This book is designed for engineers in industries involved with the problems of chemical transformations, and for professors and students of process engineering. Whether the reader is working in a design department, an engineering firm or an R&D department, or is managing production plants, he will find material here that is directly applicable to the solution of his problems.
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