Cultural and civilizational t.5 ; realities


livre cultural and civilizational t.5 ; realities
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So in fact, the cultural or civilizational variable could not possibly be neglected in the explanation of certain phenomena on the global scene. Otherwise, how can one to explain the phenomenon of the alliance of Muslim countries with the international coalition at the time of the Iraqi invasion to Kuwait? Or the Iraq- Iran conflict itself? Or the Moroccan- Algerian conflict on the question of the Moroccan Sahara, does it have cultural or civilizational dimensions? Not at all. In multi vocal states, from Lebanon to Pakistan and going through Lebanon, internai conflicts cannot be interpreted
by the prism of cultural or civilizational variables. An analysis of the global scene hastotake in consideration severalvariablesjust equallyas important as economic ones, namely, social, technical, as well as cultural and political. Order representation as well as that of disorder must incorporate ail the dimensions possible to surpass the clichés and the pessimistic visions of the world which have been used to kick off the XXI century. This work is necessary in order to deconstruct the imagery that is being propagated by scholarly work, the media, decision-makers, and opinion leaders.
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