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An Annotated Durkheim Reader, with Introduction and Glossary by Pierre-Paul Zalio, lecturer in sociology at the Ecole Normale Supérieure at Cachan. New. To be published in September 2001. N° 5 192 pages 14x19 cm 63F - 9,60 euro EAN: 978 201145423 2 ISBN: 201 145423 - 9 NUART: 14 5423 0 This reader grants access to the work of the great French sociologist who, with Max Weber, is the true creator of sociology in the modern sense. Certain of Durkheim's theories, anomie for instance, are known, but often misunderstood, since students rarely make the effort to really read him. Nor has any annotated anthology of this fundamental body of work heretofore existed. This reader presents Durkheim's principal works (The Division of Social Work, Rules of the Sociological Method, Suicide, Elementary Forms of Religious Life) without neglecting lesser-known but equally important texts (notably dealing with education); it presents the Durkheimian school of sociology, and finally it suggests the extent of
his contributions to sociology in this century. The essentially chronological layout facilitates a clear and rigorous progress through Durkheim's thought, punctuated as it is by decisive twists. Audience Primarily intended for students in sociology or political science, for whom Durkheim's work is part of the mandatory instruction in general sociology and the history of sociology, the book is of equal use to students in preparatory courses (B/L, HEC), to candidates for the secondary-school teaching examination in "economic and social sciences" (it allows them to attempt the sociological question) and, more broadly, to all students of the humanities wishing to understand the foundations of sociology. Summary INRODUCTION Chronology TEXTS I. The birth of the founding project II. A sociology of integration III. A sociology of institutions IV. From a sociology of religion to a sociology of understanding V. The Durkheimians, or Durkheim's sociology as a collective undertaking Glossary Bibliography
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