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English for industry is designed for: - those people who are studying English as part of a course leading to a technical qualification (e.g. The BTS specialities in mechanical or electrical engineering, electronics, metalwork...); - people who need English in a professional capacity (technicians, trainers, line managers...). English for industry may be used in the classroom or, with the aid of the key, as a basis for self study. Each of the 10 units of English for industry is centred on one specific area of interest. These range from the basic tools of the trade ("Information technology - Electronic communication", "Mechanical Engineering - Tools"...) to wider topics such
as "Energy and the environment" and "Finding a job in Europe". Within each unit, students learn the relevant technical vocabulary and expressions, and are placed in everyday situations that improve their communication skills. These are a wide range of activities, from controlled vocabulary work through to guided role play and project work. Grammar Revision sections and a Grammar Overview at the end of the book deal with the major difficulties of English grammar. English for industry is also: - an audio CD containing dialogues, interviews and discussions for listening comprehension. - A Corrigé/Key of the exercices, also containing crosswords that can be photocopied.
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