Entomological research in mediterranean forest ecosystems


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Mediterranean forest ecosystems have been submitted for millenniums to intensive continuous human pressures combined with deep modifications in their various components, resulting in the present unbalanced situation of these ecosystems. This situation, exacerbated during the last decades by long range climatic modifications, is responsible for the today alarming sanitary conditions of the Mediterranean forest on a large scale. The Mediterranean ecosystems have also always been characterized by a high diversity of living organisms and are thus highly favorable places to study biocenotics and plant-animal evolutionary relationships. The objective of this book is to show the diversity of the entomological problems in the forested Mediterranean areas and its ambition is to be used as a basis to elaborate future cooperative research.
The topics largely exceed the Mediterranean basin itself. In addition to the north and the south rims of the Mediterranean Sea, New Zealand, South African, and North and Central American situations are examined. A general overview of the entomological situation and research topics in the forests of these different regions is made, and detailed examples of research carried out in these areas are presented. F. Lieutier is a professor of zoology and ecology at the University of Orleans, France. The main part of his research activities has been concerned with tree-insect relationships. D. Ghaioule is a research engineer at the Division de Recherche et d'Expérimentation Fo restière of Rabat, Morocco. His research field is forest entomology in general, but focuses mainly on conifer-bark beetle-fungi relationships.
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