Fierce invalids home from hot climates feroces infirmes retour des pays chauds


livre fierce invalids home from hot climates feroces infirmes retour des pays chauds
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Switters is a contradiction for all seasons: an anarchist who works for the government; a pacifist who carries a gun; a vegetarian who sops up ham gravy; a cyberwhiz who hates computers; a man who, though obsessed with the preservation of innocence, is aching to deflower his highschoolage stepsister (only to become equally enamored of a nun ten years his senior). Yet there is nothing remotely wishywashy about Switters. He doesnyes'>#8217;t merely pack a pistol. He is a pistol. And as we dog Swittersyes'>#8217;s strangely elevated heels across four continents,
in and out of love and danger, discovering in the process the yes'>#8220;trueyes'>#8221; Third Secret of Fatima, we experience Tom Robbinsyes'>#8212;that fearless storyteller, spiritual renegade, and verbal break danceryes'>#8212;at the top of his game. On one level this is a fastpaced CIA adventure story with comic overtones; on another ityes'>#8217;s a serious novel of ideas that brings the Big Picture into unexpected focus; but perhaps more than anything else, Fierce Invalids is a sexy celebration of language and life.From the Trade Paperback edition.
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  • Auteur : ROBBINS, TOM
  • Éditeur : NO EXIT
  • ISBN : 9781842430286
  • Date de parution : 19/08/08


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