Managing in a sea of uncertainty leardership, learning and resources for the high tech firm


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Revised version, May 2013. QUESTIONS ANSWERED - How can an engineering driven company develop a market based strategy? - Why develop a strategy if environment and opportunities change faster than that strategy can be executed? - How can opportunities be chased if resources are not available to address them rapidly? - How can resources be built and opportunities pursued if the weight of matrix organizations crushes initiative? KEY RELATIONSHIPS CLARIFIED - Higher Tech vs Lower Tech business environments? - Market Orientation vs Learning? - Learning vs Knowledge Management? - Learning vs Core Competencies - Core Competencies vs Technology? - Management vs Leadership? - Values vs Products? TARGET AUDIENCE - Graduate students and professors in Technology Management, Technology MBA, Executive MBA, Knowledge Management, Innovation Management and Industrial Relations/Strategic Human Resources Management study programs; - High Tech companies CTOs, Directors in Strategic Marketing, Human Resources, and Engineering departments - Venture Capitalists - Consultants in strategic management, technology strategy, leadership, and/or organizational learning WHO SHOULD BUY THIS BOOK - Managers, Senior Managers, and General Managers in High Tech firms who wish to understand the key concepts of Management of Technology, and see how each of these
concepts is successfully applied in industry; - Students and professors who want to understand how the various fields of research in Management of Technology programs are interconnected to each others to form a useful, integrated view of strategic management in a High Tech firm; BOOKS SPECIFICATIONS - A simple, comprehensive view of technology management that draws on real life examples, and integrates over 400 books and articles on the subject; - Concrete examples taken from over 120 High Tech companies and organisations, including Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard, Harris Corporation, General Electric, IBM, Shell, Sony, Honda, and IDEO; - A text enriched with relevant and insightful quotes, regular concise summaries, 29 figures and 11 tables; - Preface written by Hugo P. Tschirky of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich. Dr. Tschirky is a leading authority on Management of Technology (MOT) and on Enterprise Science whose academic and industrial activities span throughout Europe, the United-States, and Japan. - A quick reference tool where chapters are key Management of Technology concepts, and sections deliver descriptions of key findings on each topic pertinent to managing in a High Tech environment. The book includes a comprehensive bibliography, an index of companies and organizations, and a general index.
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