High-performance polymers, v3


livre high-performance polymers, v3
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The basic purpose of this book is to consider the present status of polyimides in the electronic industry in order to provide an overview of the polymers used for optical lithography, semiconductor encapsulation, packaging, flexible circuitry, and conformal coatings. The structure-property relationships are examined in terms of adhesive strength, thermal expansion, mechanical stresses, electrical and optical properties, as well as moisture and solvent diffusion. In-depth information is provided on the chemistry of both photosensitive polyimides and polyimides used as alignment layers in the manufacture of liquid crystal display devices. Particular attention
is payed to process parameters comprising spin coating deposition, planarization techniques, cure cycles, and etching methods. Other applications of polyimides including the fabrication of multichip modules, polyimides waveguides, non-linear optical components, and microsensors are discussed in relation with polyimide chemistry and process flow. This is a general reference book for materials scientists, polymer chemists, manufacturers of electronic and optoelectronic devices, and process engineers. It is also a textbook for libraries of major chemical and semiconductor companies, research institutions, government laboratories and universities.
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