Perspectives on the making of america an introduction to u.s.civilisation


livre perspectives on the making of america an introduction to u.s.civilisation
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The United States is the world's most important political, economic and military power. In an era of increasing globalization, its influence remains predominant. However, it is not always easy to distinguish reality from stereotype, fact from fantasy... Professor Tims - both bilingual and binational - has been teaching American Studies for 20 years. She is a specialist of U.S. social history, economics and law. Perspectives on the Making of America thus uses an interdisciplinary approach to help students better
understand the United States - its history, institutions, culture and contemporary society. The text itself is both chronological and thematic - and it is written in simple, easy English. There are also original civilization documents and extensive web sites for each theme - for flexibility and further research. In addition, a "methodological guide" will help improve basic study techniques. This book is an indispensable tool for anyone interested in understanding the world's only remaining "superpower"...
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