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4e éditionThis book has been written on the assumption that an explanation of the meanings of some twenty-six « key words, » or key concepts, along with a cluster of related words and ideas can help to illuminate the American experience, past and present.The authors discuss each word or idea in its historical context tracing its significance down to the present time, dealing in turn with such basic concepts as « The Promised Land », « The Constitution », « Free Enterprise », « Progress », « Idealism », « Pragmatism », « Success », « Democracy as a way of life », « Technology », « Feminism », etc.Michel Rezé, maître de conférences at the University of Nantes
and an informed observer of the American scene for many years, and his colleague, Dr Ralph Bowen, former Professor of history at the Universities of Columbia and Northern Illinois and known for his works on the history of ideas and cultural analysis, have managed to give a remarkably thorough description of American civilization. The Promised Land. Innocence. Freedom. The Constitution. Ingenuity. The Frontier. Free Enterprise. Progress. Americanism. Work. Idealism. Philanthropy. Pragmatism. Pluralism. Success. Democracy. Racial Equality. Democracy as a Way of Life. Megalopolis. Technology. Environment. Media. Feminism. Alienation. Sex and Gender. America and the World.
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