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God's revenge or a new totalitarianism, the clash of civilisations or a north/south confrontation, planetary war of identity or a perverse effect of globalisation : september 11th has raised a multitude of questions. Yet no one has been able to define the role played by two sets of centuries-old beliefs, both comprising millions of followers, both claiming to profess universal truths : islam and christianity. With openness and superb knowledge christian makarian condemns the self-indulgent ignorance and deviant ideologies rampant among the two faiths and proposes a back-to-the-roots exploration of the lives of jesus and mahomet, their personal lives and reactions to their powerful
religious inspiration. Here is a discussion of who these men really were and how their lives intertwined with their contemporaries in all domains : politics, law, morality, money, women, peace and war. was their god one in the same? and do their individual testaments determine the same history, society, and the same side of humanity? A remarkable critical study of the gospel and the koran and a sorely needed initiation into the intelligence of faith as a founding concept of human culture, a prospective meditation on the destiny of mankind, this outstanding essay is one of the first great spiritual investigations that andré malraux hoped would appear in the twenty-first century.
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