Lubricant properties, analysis & testing


livre lubricant properties, analysis & testing
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In this work the reader will find the main analytical methods for evaluating and monitoring liquid lubricants, classified as a function of properties related to performance. The book describes chemical and structural properties (analysis by elements, by families of hydrocarbons and by functional groups), physical properties (bulk, optical, electrical, thermal, rheological and mechanical), physico-chemical properties related to interfaces (oxidation, surface and interfacial tension, surface reactivity, solvent power and compatibility with materials), microbiological properties
related to human and environmental toxicity (biodegradability). It also describes the principal analytical methods for oils in service, including practical rapid tests for on-site use. This critical review of test methods includes an extensive review of the literature. The descriptions and discussions in this book, covering the vast and developing field of lubricants, will allow students, as well as engineers and technicians involved in the development application and monitoring of lubricants, to find the information which is both essential and useful to their profession.
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