Mathematical and computational methods in biology


livre mathematical and computational methods in biology
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Mathematical Systems Biology and Metagenomics are two growing interrelated multidisciplinary areas that constitute the scientific framework for the systematic study of the infinite flow of genomic data and all kind of sophisticated biological information, which has arised from the important improvements of technology during the last two decades. Their advent has introduced a new systemic point of view on the analysis of complex biological systems. This volume contains the courses given at the CIMPA-UNESCO Summer School on
"Mathematical and Computational Methods in Biology" (Valdivia, Chile) in 2004. More than a textbook, this book presents a sampling of leading topics in the field of Systems Biology and around it, such as : The study of different aspects of genomic data like DNA sequences and signals inside them and expression array. The study by different approaches of ecological systems that can appear in particular in metagenomic communities. The mathematical study and qualitative analysis analysis of regulatory and metabolic networks.
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