Molly moon's hypnotic time-travel adventure


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Molly is living in Briersville Park with her mother, Lucy Logan, after the revelations following their adventures in Hollywood. But Molly and her dog Petula are mysteriously abducted and whisked back in time to nineteenthcentury India, where Molly must focus her attention and test her hypnotic powers to the limit yet again! A superrich and cruel maharaja is enraged that Molly ruined his plans by stopping time and preventing Primo Cell from becoming
the President of America. Now the maharaja has mastered the art of TimeTravel Hypnosis and plans to kidnap Molly at an early age so that she can never find the book of hypnotism which taught her how to use her amazing skills. Molly, Rocky and Petula find themselves in a strange time and place with their childhood selves in desperate danger, in a fantastic new adventure from an exciting writer whose popularity grows with every book.
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