Orbital t.1 ; scars


livre orbital t.1 ; scars
DATE DE PARUTION : 18/06/2009
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In the 23rd Century, the humans and the Sandjarrs are allowed to join an inter-galactic multi-racial organisation set up 8,000 years before. The humans are seen as a belligerent, underdeveloped race by the other members of the organisation and had been kept out of it until now. The Sandjarrs had stayed out of interplanetary politics until a war between
themselves and the humans broke out. Now Caleb, a human, and Mezoke, a Sandjarr, are paired up and trained as special agents to keep the intergalactic peace. This is a controversial and historic alliance, and a lot of people are watching them. Their first mission is to keep war from breaking out between humans and Javlodes on the planet Senestam.
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