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Sir James George Frazer (1854-1941) caught the popular imagination with his vast and enterprising comparative study of the beliefs and institutions of mankind, which in its third edition numbered twelve volumes. Reissued here is Frazer's own single-volume abridgement of 1922. With its discussion of every aspect of the evolution of the customs and beliefs of different cultures - from magic and religion, myth and ritual to fertility rites, the sacrifical killings of kings, and totems and taboos - "The Golden Bough" appealed to a wide,
educated readership. Of enormous influence on writers such as D. H. Lawrence, Ezra Pound and T. S. Eliot, who spoke of Frazer as a "profound" influence upon "our generation", the Golden Bough" was also seen by some as " a story of irrational savagery beneath the civilized veneer of late Victorian and Edwardian Europe". Although many of Frazer's views are not accepted today, his work is undergoing a reapraisal, and will continue to provide rich material for reinterpretation, among anthropologists and beyond, for a long time to come.
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