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Gaby and Connor have a loving, trusting marriage. They know every detail about each other. And now with their son Ethan about to set off for university, Gaby and Connor will be alone again to spend quality time together, just the two of them. But there is one person missing from Gaby's life. One person who she cannot forgot - Nancy, her best friend since childhood. As teenagers they shared their secrets and dreams. As adults they found love - Gaby with Connor and Nancy with Gaby's adored brother, Stefan. The
foursome became inseparable. Then one day, Nancy upped and left. Now, almost twenty years later, with Ethan away from home, Gaby finds herself idly watching television when a sharp stab of recognition hits her - the face she recognizes on the screen belongs to Nancy. Suddenly, the friend she thought she'd lost for good is within her reach. But does Nancy want to be foundoe The search for her long lost friend forces Gaby not only to revisit her past, but could also shatter the course of her future ...
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