The role of education in global security


livre the role of education in global security
DATE DE PARUTION : 13/06/2007
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Sustainable global security can only be achieved when education is made a priority by states and their institutions. When properly realised, education can be a global asset to fight poverty, inequality, insecurity, and disease. This book offers an innovative new philosophy in which cultural, religious, and ideological diversity in education throughout the world is encouraged and respected. The author advocates that whenever «the other» is discussed, maximum sensitivity,
respect, and tolerance must be exercised by all to prevent any possible exclusion or alienation. The author also argues that there are all kinds of moral truths that see the world from different perspectives and none of them have to necessarily be more right than the other. This book provides an alternative approach to education and outlines the ingredients that any educational system must include in order to ensure a well-educated, tolerant, and peaceful world.
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