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I believe that when people die, they go to the same place as all the people who haven't yet been born. That's why it's called the world to come, because that's where they make the new souls for the future. And the reward when good people die is that they get to help make the people in their families who haven't been born yet. Extraordinary stories begin with an extraordinary moment - like when lonely divorcee Benjamin Ziskind steals a million-dollar painting during a singles' cocktail event
at a museum. Convinced that the painting used to hang on the wall of his family living room before his parents died, he seizes his chance in that split second to hold on to the family past in an uncertain present. So begins an awe-inspiring journey for Ben and his twin sister Sara, one that not only gives them reason to see both the painting and their parents in new and startling ways, but which also takes them to the very boundaries of life itself - in this world, and the world to come...
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