Last of the Atlases - Chapter 3 - E-book - Epub fixed layout

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Birds wasting away in a national park, refusing to migrate. Identical geometric markings on the wings of completely different insect species. A pillar... Lire la suite
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Birds wasting away in a national park, refusing to migrate. Identical geometric markings on the wings of completely different insect species. A pillar of dust in the desert. A small-time hood travels to India's shipbreaking yards in search of a giant nuclear-powered construction robot. A big-time crime boss makes a killing off the Algerian Revolution, in a world where it happened fifteen years later than in our own.
"A good story, " insists reporter Françoise Halfort, visited abruptly by a post-menopausal pregnancy, "is one that draws unexpected connections between seemingly unconnected events." Four star creators join talents on a vast canvas that takes in the entire French 20th century.


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À propos des auteurs

Born on January 30th 1972, Fabien Vehlmann spent a happy childhood in France in Les Landes and the Savoie region before enrolling in business school in Nantes. After a job in a theatrical group, which enabled him to get acquainted with video and radio media, he entered a scriptwriting contest held in 1996 by the magazine 'Spirou.' His entry, unfortunately, was rejected, because he failed to adhere to the prescribed format.
However, this only encouraged him to persevere, and soon he was hooked: he returned home to his parents and did nothing but write scripts for a whole year. And one fine day, 'Spirou' relented and finally opened its doors to him! Vehlmann made his debut with "Green Manor" (Dupuis, Cinebook in English), with artist Denis Bodart, followed by "Samedi et dimanche" with Gwen (Dargaud). In 2002, he published "Le Marquis d'Anaon" with Mathieu Bonhomme, and 2004 saw the publication of "IAN" (illustrated by Ralph Meyer), with both series being put out by Dargaud. More recently, in addition to his work on the long-running "Spirou & Fantasio" series, the author has also created the groundbreaking "Seuls" (Dupuis; "Alone, " Cinebook), adapted into a film in early 2017. Vehlmann's works are all masterpieces and have already established him as one of the most skillful scriptwriters of his generation. Gwen de Bonneval was born in 1973 in Nantes.
At the beginning of his career he worked for the press and in children's publishing. In 1998 he joined the Atelier des Vosges and devoted himself to his greatest passion: comics. With scriptwriter Fabien Vehlmann, he created the series "Samedi et Dimanche" (Dargaud; Europe Comics 2019), and both wrote and illustrated the series "Basile Bonjour" for publisher Delcourt. Later, together with some friends (including Matthieu Bonhomme and Stéphane Oiry), he created the Atelier du coin.
There he worked on projects like "Monsieur Forme" (Delcourt), "Gilgamesh" (Dargaud), and "Messire Guillaume" (Dupuis), the latter of which was recognized at the Angouleme Comics Festival. In 2013, he published the last volume of the series "Bonneval Pacha" (Dargaud). His most recent work includes the saga "Le Dernier Atlas, " together with Fabien Vehlmann and Hervé Tanquerelle (Dupuis; "Last of the Atlases, " Europe Comics). Hervé Tanquerelle was born in 1972 in Nantes.
His first book, "La Ballade du Petit Pendu" (l'Association) was released in 1998. Since then, he has amassed dozens of graphic and narrative experiences, alone or in collaboration with other scriptwriters. His work spans various genres, including fantasy, thrillers, and epics. From 2012 to 2015 he was editor-in-chief of the comics magazine "Professeur Cyclope." In 2018, alongside Hervé Bourhis, he published "Le Petit Livre french pop" (Dargaud).
Most recently, he has collaborated on the saga "Le Dernier Atlas" (Dupuis; "Last of the Atlases, " Europe Comics) together with Gwen De Bonneval, Fabien Vehlmann, and Fred Blanchard. After going to art school in Paris at the ESAG Penninghen, Fred Blanchard started his career as a press illustrator and later went to work for Delcourt, directing several popular collections at the French publishing house.
At the same time, he started taking on animation projects, supervising background work for a number of television series and even working on the movie adaptation of "Corto Maltese" in 2002. He then began to shift toward comics, and started to create designs for different series like "Spirou and Fantasio" (Dupuis), "Les Naufragés d'Ythaq" (Soleil), "Sangre" (Soleil), and "Renaissance" (Dargaud). Most recently, he has worked on the design of the series "Dernier Atlas" (Dupuis; "Last of the Atlases, " Europe Comics).
He is currently working on a graphic novel that will be released in 2020.

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