Aircraft Loading and Structural Layout

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Denis Howe - Aircraft Loading and Structural Layout.
Moving on from the conceptual design of an aircraft, it becomes necessary to lay down the details of the airframe. This is effectively done in two stages... Lire la suite
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Moving on from the conceptual design of an aircraft, it becomes necessary to lay down the details of the airframe. This is effectively done in two stages - derivation of the applied loading and layout/sizing of the primary structural members. In his latest contribution to the literature Aircraft Loading and Structural Layout, Denis Howe provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of loading actions analysis, together with the logical extension to the conceptual design of the airframe. He thereby meets two perceived needs that are not currently addressed by existing aircraft design texts - where loading analysis tends to be dealt with somewhat superficially, treating only the basic symmetric flight envelope, and where structural analysis often assumes that a certain level of design detail has already been established. The author's comprehensive lecture notes, accumulated during 45 years of teaching aircraft design at Cranfield University, provided the basis for this valuable reference text which offers a straightforward, systematic approach to the quantitative derivation of the initial structural concept. Readers will find a simple, logical, sequence to derive the form, location, and approximate sizing of the main members of the airframe as a precursor to a comprehensive structural analysis and design refinement. Uniquely comprehensive source of information; Written by an internationally recognized authority ; Filts a void in the aerospace literature ;Is destined to become a classic reference text. Graduate- and postgraduate-level aeronautical students will welcome the approach offered by Aircraft Looding and Structural Layout. Practising engineers in the aircraft industry will find a useful loading actions reference, providing a simple method for the derivation of initial structural data for input to advance analysis programs and the interpretation of the output from them.


    • Structural design requirements
    • Flight loaded cases
    • Rigid airframe dynamics
    • Flight manoeuvre loads
    • Loads due to atmospheric turbulence
    • Ground loads
    • Loading on individual airframe components
    • Air-load distributions
    • Specification and analysis of repeated loading
    • Aeroelastic considerations
    • Derivation of structural design data
    • Airframe materials and applications
    • Role and layout of structural members
    • Synthesis procedure -initial sizing of members
    • Important departures from elementary theory


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Biographie de Denis Howe

Professor Denis Howe is an aviation consultant and acknowledged expert in the field of aircraft design. His career spans 60 years, much of which has been spent teaching aircraft design at postgraduate level.

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