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Toulouse - Past, present, future

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Fernand Cousteaux - Toulouse - Past, present, future.
Given the success of " Toulouse of Yesterday and Today ", a follow-up was absolutely necessary. In this new book, the tale of Toulouse, with its rich... Lire la suite
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Given the success of " Toulouse of Yesterday and Today ", a follow-up was absolutely necessary. In this new book, the tale of Toulouse, with its rich and tumultuous past, is told by Fernand Cousteaux, the man of memory, the writer, the former editor-in-chief of La Dépêche du Midi. However, Toulouse, the southern " belle ", is also queen of l'art de vivre. This wonderful life-style permeates the soft rays of the sun that come to stroke it in the fiery glow of the bricks that clad its monuments and its embankments, in the sparkle of the Garonne that flows within its banks, in the nature of its inhabitants, at the table of the great cooks who light their ovens there, in this cultural effervescence so typical of Toulouse, which melds the arts, comedy and song. And, as souvenirs of a past when it was a capital, when its economic influence carried prestige, are etched in the memory of Toulouse, it has been able to resume its place. A great lover of forward thinking and technology, a man of the field, deputy mayor and regional counsellor, Michel Valdiguié tells us all about this metropolis with a pronounced taste for challenges and conquests. Toulouse has placed its bets on a future built in the sky, with highly efficient enterprises. The A380, the giant of the sky, ready to take off ; the Cancéropôle, a gigantic area devotes to combating the scourge of cancer, opens the doors of hope, and those of the future. With over 300 colour photographs by Jean-Jacques Gelbart, a young photographer with promising talent, this book tells the tale of starry-eyed Toulouse, confident in its destiny, ready to launch into great adventures. Indeed, that is what Toulouse in the past, present and future is all about...


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Biographie de Fernand Cousteaux

Fernand Cousteaux : Former editor-in-chief of La Dépêche du Midi, Fernand Cousteaux gives us an account of the ins and outs of this rebellious, proud city that still sports the red and black of its home team, the colours of the Capitouls. Michel Valdiguié : Deputy mayor of Toulouse, Regional Counsellor for the Midi-Pyrénées, Michel Valdiguié, a graduate of ENA, referendary counsellor at the Cour des Comptes, a technology enthusiast, gives us an insight into key undertakings both now and in the future. Jean-Jacques Gelbart : A graduate from ETPA in Toulouse, Jean-Jacques Gelbart is currently a free-lance photographer. He has signed a series of albums for several publishing houses. It is his view as a photographer, in love with his town, that he shares with us in this book.

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