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Jesús Fernández, aka El Pocero (the digger), used to be the richest man in Spain. At the top of his prosperity, he starts building a city that will... Lire la suite
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Jesús Fernández, aka El Pocero (the digger), used to be the richest man in Spain. At the top of his prosperity, he starts building a city that will be named after him. Until he sees his megalomaniac project rushed by the real estate crisis in 2008. Completely bankrupt, he decides to end his life. In a dramatic fit he writes a farewell letter, lights some candles, ties newspaper clippings about his greatest accomplishments around his chest and hangs himself.
But fate seems to have other plans for him. At that exact same moment two police officers and a bailiff appear on his doorstep. They cut the noose around his neck... and throw him out of his house. He roams around desperately until he ends up in a bar in the next village. That's where he first hears about the mythical village of Marinaleda, in the heart of Andalusia. A utopian place where villagers have turned their backs on capitalism and the crisis doesn't seem to have struck.
Since he's got nothing left to lose, Jesús decides to go try his luck in Marinaleda.


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À propos des auteurs

Mark Bellido (born in 1975) is a novelist, having written notably "Venus vestida de azul, " as well as graphic novel author. His work in the field of comics includes "El Mesías" (Ballon, Europe Comics 2017), in collaboration with artist Wauter Mannaert, and "Salto" (Le Lombard), with Judith Vanistendael. Bellido spent four years protecting Basque politicians against the ETA, providing the inspiration for "Salto." He also lived for a time in Marinaleda, Spain, while writing "El Mesías." Wauter Mannaert, born in 1978, has a master's degree in film and animation from the Saint Luc Arts Institute in Brussels, which he obtained in 2002.
He currently works in the Belgian capital as a graphic novelist, illustrator, and cartoonist. Following his studies, and before turning towards comics, he specialized in media education and worked for years with youth in one of Brussels' most deprived neighborhoods. In 2015, his graphic novel "El Mesías" (written by Mark Bellido) was published in Dutch by Ballon, joining the Europe Comics catalog in English in 2017.
And in 2016, Mannaert followed that up with "Weegee, " published in Dutch and French by Sarbacane and in English by Conundrum Press. In 2019, with Dargaud, he released "Yasmina and the Potato Eaters" (Europe Comics in English), a fun and colorful tale for all ages.

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