Glimpses of african cultures - Echos des cultures africaines

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Ngessimo N. Mutaka - Glimpses of african cultures - Echos des cultures africaines.
This book covers various aspects of African traditional cultures that include: communication, marriage ceremonies, funerals, traditional rites, witchcraft,... Lire la suite
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This book covers various aspects of African traditional cultures that include: communication, marriage ceremonies, funerals, traditional rites, witchcraft, traditional cultural activities, and traditional beliefs. It will undoubtedly appeal to anyone who wants to understand better our African cultures. The reading of some of the stories will certainly raise existential questions about the nature of spirits, truth, and the place of God in the collective mind of the Africans.
Some of the questions are the following: how is it possible that a human being has his double in an animal known as his totem ? How corne that, for people who do not believe in reincarnation, it is the chief who determines the future of the soul of the deceased ? In "Mourning habits in the West province of Cameroon," it appears that, if the soul is not taken care of, it will cause physical havoc in the society.
Could there be a link between our souls and the physical elements of nature ? Is skull worshiping among the Bamileke merely a traditional practice or are they really able to communicate with their ancestors through the skulls ? What has led the Aghem people to firmly believe that lakes can physically move, that the dead live in their lakes, that children live in their pre-human state as caterpillars and may transform into reptiles when they are still babies ? What makes it possible for the human mind to communicate with animais, exchange messages as is shown in "How animais and things can speak and communicate in the Yambassa culture" ? Apart from the physical world as we know it, could there truly be a spiritual world that witches and wizards have access to and which system of values could this spiritual world be subjected to ? Every single paper of the more than 80 papers and squibs this book comprises is truly an invitation to explore further the untapped richness of African cultures.


    • Le tambour-téléphone d'Afrique : cas du kyôndo des Baluba Shankadi au Katanga (RDCongo)
    • L'écriture d'un peuple negro africain a tradition orale : la Mutanga des Balega
    • Traditional marriage ceremony among the Agwagune of Cross River State
    • The Daboo (multiple) burial rite(s) of the Farefari people in Ghana and its benefit to modern city development
    • Le " mbabi ", rite de délivrance chez les Eton
    • Ancestral worship by the royalty in Bafut
    • Child naming ceremonies among the Dangme people of Ghana
    • Le Famla, association des sorciers chez les Bamileke du Cameroun
    • Glimpses into a mystical world : reflections on the attitude the modern African could adopt


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Biographie de Ngessimo N. Mutaka

Ngessimo Mathe Mutaka is a Professor of Linguistics at the University of Yaounde 1, Cameroon. He is the author of Research Mate in African Linguistics : Focus on Cameroon (with Beban S Chumbow, eds.); An Introduction to African Linguistics (with Pius Tamanji) and two AIDS prevention books : the Fruit of Love and Wish I had known. He is married with three children.

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