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Andrew Indovina et Mark Spenik - .
The Sams Teach Yourself Online in Web Time series is designed for Web-savvy, self-motivated learners who are looking for progressive, interactive tutorials.... Lire la suite
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The Sams Teach Yourself Online in Web Time series is designed for Web-savvy, self-motivated learners who are looking for progressive, interactive tutorials. Starting with the basics and moving step-by-step through more advanced topics, this series provides you with the opportunity to enrich and advance your skills through book and online instruction. Sams Teach Yourself Online in Web Time is the ideal tool for learning and training because of • Interactive Testing - special online quizzes for each lesson, plus online-only midterm and final exams. • Chapter Exercise Sets - four or five exercises per chapter, with graduated levels of difficulty, including hands-on interface practice, Web research activities, programming tasks, and analytical problems. • Threaded Discussion List - a forum for you and fellow students to discuss technical topics, with assistance and guidance from an expert mentor. • Password Access - your online learning community includes only students working with the Sams Teach Yourself Online in Web Time books, so the discussion remains focused. * Book purchase gives readers access to the Sams Teach Yourself Online Web site, offering tests, exercises, reference materials, and moderated discussion. * Complete searchable reference title, Visual Basic 6 Unleashed, available free online. * Includes the newest Web features of Visual Basic 6, covering the core components of the language. * Covers objects in a natural and easy manner for beginning students to fully understand. * Provides clear explanations of difficult concepts, such as classes and OOP. * Hands-on learning with FREE Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Working Model Edition, a Microsoft licensed Visual Basic 6 programming software included on the CD-ROM.


    • What's All That Stuff on My Screen? Object-Oriented Programming
    • Variables, Constants, and Associated Functions
    • Subroutines, Functions, and the Visual Basic 6 Language
    • Controls
    • Building the GUI with Forms, Menus, and MDI Forms
    • Building Classes: The Foundation of Visual Basic OOP
    • Using ActiveX Controls
    • Printing
    • Problem Solving: Handling Errors and Debugging Your Program
    • Adding Pizazz with Graphics
    • Reading and Writing Disk Files
    • Database Programming
    • Advanced Features
    • Doing the Impossible (and More) with the Windows API
    • Interfacing with Excel and Other Programs
    • Advanced ActiveX and Registry API Techniques
    • Using Visual Basic for Communications
    • Using Visual Basic with Internet/Intranet Applications.


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Mark Spenik is the coauthor of Microsoft SQL Server DBA Survival Guide, Visual Basic 5 Interactive Course, and Visual Basic 5 Web Database Developer's Guide, and is a contributing author for Microsoft SQL Server Unleashed and Visual Basic 5 Unleashed. He is the director of Internet/intranet development for Keiter, Stephens computer Services, Inc. David Jung is the coauthor of Visual Basic 5 Client/Server How-To, the Visual Basic 5 SuperBible, and the Visual Basic 4 SuperBible. Pierre Boutquin is the coauthor of the Visual Basic 5 SuperBible. Andrew Indovina is a Windows 95, NT, and 3.1 programmer for Dawning Technologies, Inc. He has worked on a variety of computers and with a variety of Languages, as well as built and repaired computers for the past four years. He holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of Brockport.

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